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Question: Can I build my own home if I don’t have any building experience?

Answer: Yes: Most people that owner build don’t have any building experience. Ubuildits experienced consultants will help you through all phases of your project.

Question: I am not even a handyman, does that matter?

Answer: No: When you build your own home you only need to order materials, engage sub-contractors, pay accounts and some computer skills would be great. Ubuildit can handle all other requirements.

Question: Can Ubuildit help me obtain a mortgage?

Answer: Yes, most lenders need a full set of costings before they will lend to an owner builder. Ubuildit will provide with these costings if required.

Question: Will it be a fulltime job running my own project?

Answer: No: Most owner builders only need to spend 4 to 6 hours a week. It is more cost effective to let Ubuildit help you with your project rather than give up a full-time position to run your job.

Question: How much can I save with Ubuildit?

Answer: Builders profit ranges from 18% to 30%. If a builders profit was 20% you would save most of $50,000 on a $250,000 project.

Question: Who pays the bills?

Answer: You do. This saves builders mark up on materials and extras. Some suppliers will give Ubuildit customers builders discount.

Question: Do I need plans before I contact Ubuildit?

Answer: Ubuildit has a number of Draughtsmen or Architects we recommend. If you allow our consultants to get involved at planning stage we can help you with design and point out any pitfalls that may occur during construction.

Question: How can I find good sub-contractors?

Answer: Ubuildit has licensed, experienced trades we can get quotes from if you require them.

Question: Can I use my own sub-contractors?

Answer: Yes: You make the final choice of all sub-contractors.

Question: Can Ubuildit help me with my renovation?

Answer: Yes: A renovation can throw up a whole new set of circumstances when constructing your project. Things aren’t always as they seem or as they should be when renovating an existing house. Ubuildit can help you through these many pitfalls when renovating.

Question: When can I start building

Answer: After putting plans, specifications and engineers drawings into your local council, a Development Consent must be obtained. After the conditions of this consent have been met a Construction Certificate will be issued. This will allow you to start building.

Question: What are my obligations as an Owner Builder?

Answer: You will need to obtain an Owner Builder license from Dept Fair Trading (NSW) or similar body. You will have to meet Council, Fair trading and Work Cover regulations. You will be responsible to pay all Fees, Plant hire, Waste Bins, Labour Hire, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors. You need to obtain inspections by Council, Private Certifiers, Engineers and Lending Bodies as and when required. Ubuildit will notify you when these inspections are due.

Question: What does Ubuildit do for me?

Answer: Ubuildit can advise and guide you from Planning to Occupation of your new home or renovation and every building detail in between. The Ubuildit consultants have many years of practical experience as licensed builders so they are able pre-empt most issues before they become serious problems.